Int'l Air Ambulance Service
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Discount Flights

Lowest price guarantee.

Airone Ambulance has competitive prices and a PRICE GUARANTEE for the patients that require immediate air transportation.
I you present AIRONE AMBULANCE with a written quote for the same service from one of our competitors, we will meet or beat thier bid.

The only restrictions are, they have to be a licenced, acredited, insured air ambulance service providers, quote for the same date, similar aircraft and offer you the same medical team and equipment.

*Does not apply for one way travel quotes.

Here are some examples on different ways to quote, that may save you hundreds to thousands of dollars.

If the patient is stable and you have advance notice on dates
and times for travel, you can save hundreds of dollares by scheduling ahead of time.

The term EMPTY-LEG reffers to a plane that is returning to home base empty, which some people with advance notice and flexible dates may use, saving hundreds of dollars.(empty-leg may also be used in connecting flights if requested)

Payment Methods

Payment through insurance companies or hospitals, certifed check, bank deposit or wire transfer and most mayor credit cards (Read), American Express, Visa, Master Card, also third party payments and cash.