Int'l Air Ambulance Service
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The moment we recive the first call, we process the information for a quote of our air ambulance service, and as soon as flight is confirmed we begin coordination of aeromedical flight transfer.

The Flight Coordinator recives the Quote Request, we can recive quotes via, phone, fax or E-mail, requiring the following basic information:

  • Name of Pacient
  • Age
  • IIIness
  • Place of pick up
  • Destination
  • Possible transfer date
  • Name of contact person
  • Name of contact doctor
  • Contact phone, fax or e-mail

Once the patients information is recived, it is passed on to our Medical Staff for evaluation, to submit for a quote.

We then send the quote to the client, we explain the contents including reach and limitations, as well as the purshasing process for the service, and clarifying any doubts he or she may have.

Flight Transfer Confirmed: The flight coordinator is the person in charge to confirm the flight with the client to initiate the Air Transfer.

The flight coordinator notifies the Chief Pilot and Medical Director and Staff.

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