Int'l Air Ambulance Service
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The air ambulance service is considered confirmed until 100% of the payment has been recived, at that time the flight iteneraries enter in place.

The cost of the services are set prices, and should be without change, unless changes are made during flight process, variations in patiens conditions, change of route, airports, hospitals or weather conditions, etc.

There maybe charges added to the clients cost in case of delays not caused by the company, such as, extention in services on airports and FBO´s waiting periods, overnight flights, route or detination changes.

The flight time is an estimated time, similar to the real flight time, but may vary due to wind patterns, temperature and atmospheric density, therefor it is subject to meteorological conditions and air traffic.


Up to two (2) additional family members my acompany the patient, unless otherwise specified by the doctor or any flight restrictions.


Luggage is limited to one per passanger, and is subject to space availability and patients condition.

The client is responsible for patients, and his or her luggage and belongings.


In case of clients cancelation of flight, Airone will charge a minimum of 50% of the total flight cost, unless the aircraft is allready airborn, in which case 100% of the cost and fees apply.

Once the service has been agreed and paid, any changes to the flights dates or times may incur in a 20% charge of the total cost of the service, you may change the date and time without charge only if the plane is not programed for other flights, and advance notice.


In case of transfering a patient in critical condition (patiens with ventilator) if the itenerary of the aircraft is changed in time, routes or layovers, due to patients condition requirements, the client must cover all expenses those changes may generate, having to leave a deposit of 30% of the total cost of the service.

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